Monday, 12 September 2011

A Little Note

So How was your weekend? Mine was Great I got lot's of papercrafting done! I am almost ready for my first show this weekend!! ONE STOP SHOP in Elmvale! At the Elmvale Community Church from 9-3. I previously said the Presbyterian Church but I was wrong. I am bringing some stuff for sale...Not a whole lot still working on building my inventory! ;) As well as Catalogs, the how to books, and some products to show off! As Well as some of my creations I made this past weekend! So with the season changing, have you thought about doing fall pictures? If you do, share them! I love seeing smiling faces against the changing colours of the leaves! Anyways Got a meeting tonight and spending the rest of the week trying to organize myself for the Show this weekend! Have a great week and I will let y'all know how the show went on Sunday!

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